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Ohio long-term P and K fertilizer trials

Ohio corn, soybean and wheat check-off dollars are currently funding Ohio State Extension research to update the "Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Alfalfa."


Phosphorus fertilizer sources

Questions are sometimes asked about the effectiveness, composition, and plant availability of various phosphorus (P) fertilizer sources. Questions such as, “Is liquid more available to the
crop than dry P fertilizer? Is one source better than another in alkaline soils? Can the optimum P rate be reduced with certain sources?” are not uncommon. A simple review of the fundamentals of P fertilizer sources can help address such questions.

K+S rejects Potash offer, promises on German jobs and mines

German salt and fertilizer company K+S AG once again rejected Potash Corp of Saskatchewan's takeover offer on Friday, saying the Canadian company's assurances about maintaining jobs and mine sites in Germany were unreliable.


Potash Corp keeps sights on buying K+S, vows to protect jobs

Canada's Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc. remains focused on acquiring German salt and fertilizer company K+S, the company said on Thursday, and is prepared to make "binding commitments" to maintain jobs and keep mines running in Germany to get a deal.


K+S asks German government to fend off takeover

German potash and salt miner K+S has turned to economy minister Sigmar Gabriel for help in resisting an unwanted takeover approach by Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc, and has discussed the option of German state bank KfW taking a stake in K+S, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.


Scientists meet to chart future course for improving P nutrition

A small group of internationally recognized scientists met recently in Kona Beach, Hawaii to brainstorm the future of potassium (K) nutrition of crops. The Frontiers in Potassium Science Workshop focused on creating a list of strategies for explaining and managing significant spatial and temporal variability in the contributions of fertilizer K and soil K to plant nutrition.


Potassium deficiency in cotton

Once cotton begins to square and more so once bloom begins, nutrient demands tend to shift dramatically. This is particularly true for nitrogen and potassium.


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