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Look for N loss because of rains

Corn is planted and the 2015 growing season is underway. As with any season, Mother Nature is already throwing many farmers a few curve balls. Large rainfall events can be a blessing, but they can cause nitrogen deficiencies in the soil, robbing corn of yield potential.


Planning for a pre-sidedress soil nitrate test

Studies have shown that corn producers could reduce their nitrogen (N) fertilizer rates utilizing the pre-sidedress soil nitrate test (PSNT) in the proper situations. The PSNT season is upon us – late May to early June. Some preparation work and planning are necessary to identify the proper fields and achieve the desired results.


Nitrogen loss in saturated fields

Nebraska has received 6 to more than 10 inches of rain in East Central Nebraska since April and concerns of nitrogen loss in saturated soils is becoming a reality.


Ammonia loss from urea

Volatilization losses of ammonia from urea have been a major concern of producers and agronomists because of the lack of precipitation. The nitrogen (N) cycle is very complex as it includes all forms of matter: solid (fertilizer and manure), liquid (dissolved N as nitrate and ammonium) and gas (ammonia).


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