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Applying nitrogen fertilizer to wheat in early spring

Early spring is the time wheat growers implement nitrogen (N) fertilization strategies. This means estimating the amount of N needed and estimating how much of the N might be lost due to excessive rainfall and saturated soils.


MSU and Noble Foundation to coordinate N fixation research

A new federal grant will establish Montana State University and the Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Okla., as global hubs for integrating research activities on the supply and utilization of nitrogen by plants.


Cotton nutrition and fertilization

A major factor affecting both cotton yield and quality is the availability of adequate and balanced nutrition. Soil nutrients are taken up by cotton in direct proportion to growth and temperature, with total nutrient uptake for nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) tracking cumulative heat units.


Managing nitrogen in corn is a win-win

Managing nitrogen (N) inputs for the corn crop is a win-win. Good management results in a benefit to the environment and the farm’s bottom-line. As plans are put in place for 2015, they should include an evaluation of the nitrogen program. The first step to a good nitrogen management program is to apply the right rate of nitrogen. The Maximum Return to N (MRTN) can help determine the most profitable N rate. This web-based decision tool is easy to use and specific to Michigan. All you need to get started is a knowledge of the crop rotation, price per ton of the N fertilizer and your projected selling price for corn.


Glut of N fertilizer projects driving use down to 73% by 2019

Recent analysis of several hundred nitrogen fertilizer production facilities spanning the globe indicates that the industry is headed for overcapacity. As soon as 2019, fertilizer producers will find little pricing strength as global utilization dives to ~73% as new facilities come online.


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