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Adjusting corn management practices for a late start


Since delayed planting reduces the yield potential of corn, the foremost attention should be given to management practices that will expedite crop establishment.

Do soybeans need N fertilizer?


There has been a great deal of interest in recent months in the idea of using nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season to increase soybean yields. This is somewhat surprising given that there has been so little evidence from published and unpublished reports showing that this practice increases yields.

CF Industries shuts down Oklahoma facility for repairs


CF Industries Holdings, Inc. announced that its entire Woodward, Okla., nitrogen complex is off-line due to a problem in one of the boilers.

Monthly fertilizer prices: Comparing 2014 through 2009  (04/16/14)

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Effective starter fertilizer use in corn (04/07/14)

What are nitrogen application options for corn? (04/07/14)

Nitrogen application recommendations for wheat (03/31/14)

Unpredictable soybean response to starter fertilizer (03/31/14)

Kentucky wheat: Significant N losses suspected (03/26/14)

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