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A good corn crop is taking shape


Without many serious problems to look at, this is a good time to consider whether this corn crop will turn out to be as good as it looks, and what threats might linger as we move into the six weeks over which yield will be made.

Rabobank reports U.S. set to become urea self-sufficient


According to a new report from Rabobank, the U.S. nitrogen fertilizer market is now reaching a point of saturation, as announced capacities are expected to come online in the next few years.

Assessing available N from fall- and spring-applied N


Excessive rainfall and flooding in early to late spring can result in the loss of some fall- and spring-applied nitrogen (N). Both of these N forms are subject to leaching through the soil into tile drains or groundwater.

Tips for ‘late’ applications of nitrogen (07/14/14)

EPA approves state agency approach to develop nutrient criteria (07/10/14)

North America bio fertilizer market expected to grow 14.4% (07/08/14)

Time nitrogen delivery to key plant growth stages (07/06/14)

Addressing mid-season fertility issues (07/02/14)

Estimating nitrogen levels in late spring (06/24/14)

Estimating nitrogen losses in wet fields (06/19/14)

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