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Tips on using anhydrous ammonia for wheat production


As producers start thinking about anhydrous application for wheat this fall, there are a few basic points which they should keep in mind, especially regarding safety. Ammonia is a hazardous material and safety should be the highest priority of the operator.

Nitrogen stabilization supports stewardship


As growers prepare for another harvest, it’s important to consider how nitrogen stabilization not only supports healthy plant growth but also fosters environmental stewardship.

Strip-tillage recommendations


Once harvest comes to an end, some growers will shift their focus to strip-tillage. Fabian Fernandez, University of Illinois Extension specialist in plant nutrition and soil fertility, offers a few thoughts on applying nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with strip-till this season.

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EPA approves state agency approach to develop nutrient criteria (07/10/14)

North America bio fertilizer market expected to grow 14.4% (07/08/14)

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