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Crop Fertility


Bion files patent on process to recover N fertilizer from waste

Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc., a provider of advanced livestock waste treatment technology, announced that it has filed a new patent application for a process that recovers a nitrogen-rich, natural, non-synthetic fertilizer product from a livestock waste stream.

Crop Fertility

Should you be applying lime?

Fall is an excellent time to test soil pH and determine whether any lime needs to be applied for future crops. Proper soil pH is important for nutrient availability, herbicide activity, and crop development. For most soils, additional lime is not needed every year.


Decreasing loss when using urea

Selecting the right nitrogen source when fertilizing pastures and hayfields has always been important in nitrogen use efficiency. For many years we have had the option of using either urea or ammonium nitrate as the nitrogen source in our fertilizers. A basic recommendation was to use urea in spring, but use ammonium nitrate in summer and early fall. Urea was usually cheaper, but more prone to nitrogen loss due to volatilization, which occurs in hot weather with limited rainfall.

Crop Fertility

Revising fertilizer recommendations for corn, soybean and wheat

Ohio State is in the process of updating the Tri-State Recommendations, looking specifically at N, P and K in corn, soybean and wheat. This is a major undertaking that will require a collective effort from numerous extension personnel, crop consultants and farmer cooperators.


Corn stalk nitrate testing

Looking to evaluate your nitrogen fertilizer program? Take a closer at your corn stalks. End of season corn stalk testing helps give some insight into how well nitrogen fertilizer was utilized by the corn plant.


Soil sampling is foundation for nutrient management plan

Good nutrient management takes planning, but the first and most basic step is taking a good soil sample. The ‘four Rs’ of nutrient management—the right source of nutrients, at the right rate, at the right time, in the right place—are additional best management practices to consider when nutrient management planning.


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