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Crop Fertility


Canpotex signs potash sales deals to India

Canpotex Ltd, the offshore sales agency for North America's three biggest potash producers, has agreed on multi-year sales agreements with two Indian fertilizer companies, the government of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan said on Thursday.

Crop Fertility

The economic return to soil test information

Fall after harvest is an excellent time for soil sampling and testing. This year, with lower grain prices, many producers may be looking for places to cut costs. However, cutting back on soil testing could result in lowering profits.

Having accurate soil test information is critical to making the right decisions regarding fertilizer input. Fertilizer cost has remained steady while grain prices have dropped this fall. Therefore, making good use of fertilizer input becomes critical to maximize profits.


New genetic engineering insight could curb need for fertilizers

In the last 30 years, the United States has grown more food using less land and with less environmental strain than ever believed possible. Fertilizers are better, pesticides are better and genetic modification has led to less need for both.


Potassium fertilizer considerations for 2015

At times potassium (K) can be the forgotten element when determining appropriate rates of fertilizer to apply. Nitrogen and phosphorus typically are of main concern due to the potential yield response for corn to nitrogen and many soils around the state historically being low in P but medium to high in K. Potassium should not be a forgotten nutrient as there are situations where K fertilizer can be profitable.


Limus nitrogen management from BASF now available in U.S.

It’s difficult to imagine where agriculture would be today had BASF chemists Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch not discovered how to harness the atmospheric abundance of nitrogen to create ammonia. The Haber-Bosch process has allowed growers to apply nitrogen-based nutrients, which is crucial to the fertile soil needed for today’s crop production. BASF has taken yet another step in the field of nutrient management by announcing that Limus nitrogen management will be available for sale in the U.S. for the 2015 growing season.


Nitrogen knowledge, is yours increasing?

Nitrogen (N) is fundamental to the growth and reproduction of every living creature. It naturally dominates the gases in the air that we breathe (along with oxygen), enables us to grow food—both vegetable and animal—for human nutrition, and it provides many other beneficial uses and resources for society. Fertilizer N makes it possible to provide abundant, safe and nutritious food that sustains the human family; at least half of the people on Earth owe their daily existence to fertilizer N use.


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