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Crop Fertility


Genetic modification led to corn roots to be more N efficient

Genetic modification of maize over the last century has led to desirable shoot characteristics and increased yield - and that likely contributed to the evolution of root systems that are more efficient in acquiring nutrients, such as nitrogen, from the soil, according to a new study.


Bacteria tracked feeding nitrogen to nutrient-starved plants

An international team of researchers, including three from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, has tracked nitrogen as soil bacteria pull it from the air and release it as plant-friendly ammonium.


Understanding plant tissue sampling

Remember learning about the food pyramid in school? While there is no fancy pyramid drawing out what a plant needs on a day-to-day basis, the concept remains the same—both humans and plants have nutritional needs in order to grow and be healthy.


Terra Nitrogen Company completes turnaround project

Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P. announced the completion of the planned turnaround of an ammonia and UAN plant representing approximately one-half of the production capacity at its Verdigris, Okla., nitrogen complex.


New N guidelines for irrigated, sandy soils

On March 6, 2015, revised guidelines for fertilizing corn grown on irrigated sandy soils were released by the University of Minnesota. Minnesota has about 500,000 acres of irrigated sandy soils. Corn is grown on about half of these acres in any one year. With the use of irrigation and fertilizer, sandy soils are very productive.


Buyer beware when it comes to “alternatives” to ag lime

Over the past few months, farmers at each county agronomy meeting have asked about liquid lime. After a little investigation, we found out that what was being marketed as a liquid lime with neutralizing value was in fact calcium chloride (CaCl2). This was bad news because CaCl2 provides no liming value and is in fact not “liquid lime.”


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