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Potash Corp working on new K+S approach

Potash Corp is preparing a fresh takeover approach for German rival K+S, which could likely come in spring next year, German investor newsletter Platow Brief reports on Tuesday, citing "rumours."


Researchers identify a key molecule in nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Molecular biologists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst who study nitrogen-fixing bacteria in plants have discovered a "double agent" peptide in an alfalfa that may hold promise for improving crop yields without increasing fertilizer use.


CF Industries and OCI committed to pursuing combination

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. and OCI N.V. announced that both companies remain fully committed to pursuing a combination of CF with OCI’s European, North American and global distribution businesses due to its strong industrial logic, significant expected synergies and value creation potential for shareholders.

Crop Fertility

The economic return to soil test information

Fall after harvest is an excellent time for soil sampling and testing. This year, with low grain prices, many producers may be looking for places to cut costs. However, cutting back on soil testing could result in lowering profits.

Having accurate soil test information is critical to making the right decisions regarding fertilizer input. Fertilizer cost has remained steady while grain prices have dropped this fall. Therefore, making good use of fertilizer input becomes critical to maximize profits.


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