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Crop Fertility


Is your plant nutrition program healthy?

One of the most important things you can do throughout the season to help increase yield potential is to ensure your crops have adequate nutrition. You can check nutrient levels by working with your agronomist to take multiple tissue samples throughout the season (often in concert with soil samples) to determine if critical nutrients are lacking.


Germany's K+S confirms takeover proposal from Potash Corp

German potash producer K+S said on Thursday it has received a takeover proposal from larger Canadian fertilizer producer Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc, potentially marking the start of a new takeover saga in the industry.


Potash Corp eyes Germany's K+S

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc is eyeing German peer K+S for a possible takeover bid, German newspaper Handelsblatt reported on Thursday, citing financial sources. But K+S will likely reject a 7 billion euro ($7.8 billion) takeover offer from Canadian fertilizer group Potash Corp.


Mosaic announces new environmental sustainability targets

The Mosaic Company released its 2014 Sustainability Report titled, "Leading with Purpose," which outlines the company's sustainability progress and new 2020 sustainability targets. The company's sixth Sustainability Report discloses information on 95 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators and is prepared in alignment with G4 Core Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, which have an increased focus on materiality.


Assessing available N from fall- and spring-applied N

Excessive rainfall and the resulting ponding, flooding, or saturated soils have likely caused some loss of applied and soil-derived nitrogen (N). Nitrate-N (NO3-N) is the form of N most likely to be lost from the crop root zone, either to tile drainage, groundwater, and/or into the atmosphere (via denitrification). Ammonium-N (NH4-N) is not subject to N loss mechanisms when incorporated into the soil.


ICL completes its acquisition of Allana Potash

ICL, a global manufacturer of products that fulfill essential needs in the agriculture, processed food and engineered materials markets, announced that it completed the acquisition of 100 percent of Allana Potash Corp., a Canadian mining company engaged in the development of potash assets in Ethiopia.


Why should farmers utilize tissue testing?

Tissue testing is one tool in a farmer’s agronomy toolbox. It’s a tool that can help them decide if their crop is getting secondary and micronutrients, diagnose problem areas in fields, and evaluate nutrient uptake. But why is this important?


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