Nachurs Alpine Solutions of Marion, Ohio, is offering in-booth presentations (#554) at the 2017 Commodity Classic of their newest technology product lines.

The company has proudly expanded their product line of new and unique technologies over the past year. Highlights include:

• Bio-K is the most effective, lowest salt, least corrosive, most soluble, and most plant available potassium source in the industry.

• Rhyzo-Link is a fertilizer combined with eight unique strains of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) which link soil health/ chemistry and plant productivity through efficient balance, placement, and recovery of soil/plant nutrients.

• YaraVita Procote provides a unique way to coat micronutrients onto dry fertilizer to provide maximum efficiency and nutrient distribution across the field, which greatly improves plant uptake compared to alternative methods of spreading dry micronutrients.

• Aqua-Tech fertilizers are designed to be injected through irrigation systems. The exclusive technology of Aqua-Tech solves the problem of hard water tie-up with phosphorus. This product line promotes the ultimate in nutrient availability, ease of use, and safety (handling and equipment) for most irrigation water, including drip irrigation systems.