WATCH NOW: Free Webinar: H. J. Baker’s Tiger University has sponsored a webinar on The Agronomics & Economics of Fall Applied Sulphur.

Mike Adams moderated the discussion with Wes Haun and Drew Taylor, both with H.J. Baker, as they discussed research on the merits of fall applied sulphur. Wes Haun is a Research Agronomist with a Masters of Science in Plant Soil Science from the University of Tennessee. Drew Taylor, director of Tiger-Sul product management, has over two decades experience in the industry with a degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University. They discussed how adequate plant sulphur nutrition and its unique interaction with other nutrients can improve crop yields. Advanced application technology and shifts in storage and blending practices are leading the way toward getting the most from the agronomic and economic value of fall applied sulphur.

Topics included:


  • Function of Sulphur in plant nutrition
  • Sulphur reaction in soil & availability for plant uptake
  • Factors influencing the sulphur cycle
  • Fall application of bentonite sulphur enhances pastille breakdown


  • Handling, storage and blending options for 90% PNS
  • Application techniques & options for sulphur bentonite
  • Variable rate programs with sulphur bentonite
  • Economics of adding sulphur bentonite to your fall program