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Is your plant nutrition program healthy?

One of the most important things you can do throughout the season to help increase yield potential is to ensure your crops have adequate nutrition. You can check nutrient levels by working with your agronomist to take multiple tissue samples throughout the season (often in concert with soil samples) to determine if critical nutrients are lacking.


Why should farmers utilize tissue testing?

Tissue testing is one tool in a farmer’s agronomy toolbox. It’s a tool that can help them decide if their crop is getting secondary and micronutrients, diagnose problem areas in fields, and evaluate nutrient uptake. But why is this important?


Foliar feeding corn with boron fertilizer can increase yield

If you are striving for high-yielding corn, now is the time to finalize plans for foliar feeding your crop. Have you considered including boron fertilizer products? According to a study conducted by Fred Below at the University of Illinois in 2013 looking at how boron fertilizer products contribute to corn yield, a foliar application of Wolf Trax Boron DDP at tasseling could be a smart investment.


Buyer beware when it comes to “alternatives” to ag lime

Over the past few months, farmers at each county agronomy meeting have asked about liquid lime. After a little investigation, we found out that what was being marketed as a liquid lime with neutralizing value was in fact calcium chloride (CaCl2). This was bad news because CaCl2 provides no liming value and is in fact not “liquid lime.”


Topdressing canola: How to maximize the benefits

To maximize the yield potential of winter canola, producers should topdress with nitrogen, sulfur, and possibly boron in the winter. Producers should make topdress applications with consideration for the environmental conditions, the nutrients needed, and the application method.


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