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Researchers find boron facilitates stem cell growth in corn


Researchers at the University of Missouri have found that boron plays an integral role in development and reproduction in corn plants.

Yellowing in peanuts is due to manganese deficiency


Several peanut fields in Holmes County, Fla., are demonstrating yellowing foliage that may be attributed to nitrogen problems, poor nodulation of roots, or a nutrient deficiency or toxicity.

Nutrient deficiencies at root of many problems


There are several factors that influence the nutrient supply system, but drainage and nutrient concentration work closely to influence the availability of the necessary nutrients that are in the soil.

Plant health improvement agents help growers do more with less (07/30/14)

H.J. Baker continues expansion of Atmore, Ala., sulphur facility (07/15/14)

Foliar fertilizer applications to soybeans are rarely profitable (07/14/14)

Boron tolerance discovery for higher wheat yields (07/08/14)

Addressing mid-season fertility issues (07/02/14)

Sulfur deficiency suspected (06/23/14)

Yellow wheat may or may not be N deficient (06/16/14)

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