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Why is micronutrient availability so patchy in a field?


When we think of applying fertilizer the nutrients that come to mind initially are the major nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and sulfur (S). However there are 10 other mineral elements or nutrients needed by plants—most are micronutrients.

Study helps MSU scientists make best recommendations


A team of Mississippi State University researchers and specialists are conducting a study to determine if soil-testing recommendations need to be revised.

Gypsum vs. lime: Facts about minerals


Gypsum and limestone are two evaporite minerals found in Kansas and used for agricultural amendments.

Sulfur for wheat fields with a history of deficiency (09/08/14)

Researchers find boron facilitates stem cell growth in corn (08/27/14)

Yellowing in peanuts is due to manganese deficiency (08/25/14)

Nutrient deficiencies at root of many problems (08/20/14)

Plant health improvement agents help growers do more with less (07/30/14)

H.J. Baker continues expansion of Atmore, Ala., sulphur facility (07/15/14)

Foliar fertilizer applications to soybeans are rarely profitable (07/14/14)

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