Source: The International Plant Nutrition Institute

The International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) is introducing a new series of one-page, condensed fact sheets highlighting common fertilizers and nutrient sources in modern agriculture. The series is called "Nutrient Source Specifics."

"These topics offer brief information about the production, agricultural use, management practices, and chemical properties of common fertilizer materials," said IPNI President Terry Roberts, Ph.D. "One of our thematic work groups saw the need for this kind of information and we believe the series format will be useful in providing a quick reference library as we add to it. However, we also encourage individuals to consult with local experts regarding specific nutrient use."

One of the goals of IPNI is to provide science-based plant nutrient and fertilizer information to a wide range of audiences.

Written by IPNI scientific staff, these Nutrient Source Specifics topics are primarily for educational use by a non-technical audience. The list of topics will include all the major nutrient sources, but currently consists of: 1) urea; 2) polyphosphate; 3) potassium chloride; 4) compound fertilizer; 5) potassium sulfate; 6) potassium magnesium sulfate: langbeinite; and 7) urea ammonium nitrate. The entire series will be available as individual PDF files at the IPNI Web site: