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Monthly fertilizer prices: Comparing 2014 through 2009


Fertilizer prices have been increasing in recent months; however, per acre fertilizer costs should be lower in 2014 than in recent years.

Quick start and short-term fertility will be focus


Lower commodity prices, high land rent costs and the desire to get a running start on the 2014 growing season will combine to make use of starter fertilizers an attractive option for farmers this spring.

Pop up fertilizers: What you need to know


Pop up fertilizers should not be confused with “starter fertilizers,” which is the application of fertilizer materials to the side of the seed furrow.

What are N application options in a compressed spring?


Questions are already coming about options for nitrogen (N) fertilization this spring, and the usual question should time be taken to get N applied or plant corn and apply N later.

Effective starter fertilizer use in corn


Many producers could benefit by using starter fertilizer when planting corn. Starter fertilizer is simply the placement of some fertilizer, usually nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), near the seed — which "jump starts" growth in the spring.

What are nitrogen application options for corn? (04/07/14)

India to buy Uralkali potash at lowest price in 7 years (04/02/14)

Nitrogen application recommendations for wheat (03/31/14)

Unpredictable soybean response to starter fertilizer (03/31/14)

Kentucky wheat: Significant N losses suspected (03/26/14)

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