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Topdressing wheat with nitrogen

Now is a good time to start planning for topdressing nitrogen (N) of the winter wheat crop. With adequate soil moisture in most areas of the state, and some fairly small wheat in many fields due to late planting and dry weather in early fall, there are some key elements that need to be considered when deciding on the exact program to use.


Potash woes worsen Saskatchewan growth, debt outlook

Tanking fertilizer prices have worsened the economic and budget outlook for the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, where the oil shock has already stalled growth, pushed the government into deficit and caused its bonds to underperform.


Report: Poor ventilation, storage decisions led to 2013 fertilizer explosion

A massive 2013 fertilizer company explosion that killed 15 people and caused nearly $250 million in damage was likely the result of bad ventilation and poor material storage decisions. Those are among the key findings of a January report on the deadly incident released by the U.S. Chemical and Safety Hazard Investigation Board (CSB).


Soil Health Summit addresses achieving 'Next Frontier' in agriculture

As the Soil Health Partnership embarks on its third year, the organization has high hopes for network expansion and ground-breaking soil data results that will contribute to a sea change in farming. The partnership held its third annual Soil Health Summit in Indianapolis Jan. 21-22, hosting more than 140 attendees, including farmers, agriculture industry leaders, environmental groups and university representatives.

Crop Fertility

There are nitrogen stabilizer products that must be registered

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) requires that all pesticides sold or distributed in the United States (including imported pesticides) be registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) except where exempt from registration requirements. This EPA guidance explains existing statutory and regulatory provisions regarding nitrogen stabilizers. It does not create any new requirements or exemptions from the requirements of FIFRA. FIFRA Section 2(u) defines pesticides that must be registered under FIFRA to include “any nitrogen stabilizer.”

Crop Fertility

Understanding nitrogen in soils

Environmental and economic issues have increased the need to better understand the role and fate of nitrogen (N) in crop production systems. Nitrogen is the nutrient most often deficient for crop production in Minnesota and its use can result in substantial economic return for farmers. However, when N inputs to the soil system exceed crop needs, there is a possibility that excessive amounts of nitrate (NO3--N) may enter either ground or surface water.

Crop Fertility

Enhanced efficiency fertilizer explanation

The Association of American Plant Food Control Officials defines enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) as products with characteristics that allow increased plant uptake and therefore reduce potential nutrient losses to the environment (e.g., gaseous losses, leaching, or runoff) when compared to an appropriate reference fertilizer that does not contain additives. When comparing nitrogen EEFs, examples of reference products would be traditional fertilizer such as anhydrous ammonia, granular urea, ammonium sulfate, and urea-ammonium nitrate solutions.


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