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Development of nutrient, erosion management tools


Iowa State University researchers expect to unveil later this year a set of decision-making tools for best management practices (BMPs) to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and erosion/sediment losses.

Wheat management for fall 2014


It’s ideal to plant wheat shortly after the Hessian Fly Safe Date, but this may be challenging this year

CHS to build fertilizer plant at Spiritwood, N.D.


CHS Inc., announced it will proceed with construction of a fertilizer manufacturing plant at Spiritwood, N.D.

Sulfur for wheat fields with a history of deficiency


In recent years, sulfur (S) deficiency in wheat has become common in many areas of Kansas, particularly in no-till wheat. Classic S deficiency symptoms, confirmed by soil and plant analysis, have been observed in many no-till wheat fields during periods of rapid growth in the spring.

Potash miners face over-supply threat of their own making


A pickup in fertilizer demand has brightened the outlook for North American potash companies who suffered through plunging prices and profits after a European trading consortium collapsed in 2013.

EuroChem secures financing for Usolskiy potash project (09/04/14)

Top five reasons to fertilize in the fall (09/04/14)

New P loss reduction handbook available for free (09/04/14)

Crop sensors improve nitrogen application  (09/03/14)

New equipment enhances fertilizer research (09/02/14)

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