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New equipment enhances fertilizer research


An LSU AgCenter scientist now has the capability for year-round testing of fertilizer and fertilizer additives on different soils.

Researchers find boron facilitates stem cell growth in corn


Researchers at the University of Missouri have found that boron plays an integral role in development and reproduction in corn plants.

Late-season purpling in corn


Issues with purple coloration of corn plants sometimes occur about mid-August or later. It is perhaps more common for purple coloration in corn to occur early in the season, often a result of a phosphorus deficiency or cold temperature stress.

Yellowing in peanuts is due to manganese deficiency


Several peanut fields in Holmes County, Fla., are demonstrating yellowing foliage that may be attributed to nitrogen problems, poor nodulation of roots, or a nutrient deficiency or toxicity.

Tips on using anhydrous ammonia for wheat production


As producers start thinking about anhydrous application for wheat this fall, there are a few basic points which they should keep in mind, especially regarding safety. Ammonia is a hazardous material and safety should be the highest priority of the operator.

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