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Choosing the right season for applying chicken litter


Using poultry litter as fertilizer is a welcome trend in many Southern states because that is where most of the U.S. broiler chickens are produced. The litter's nitrogen content helps boost crop yields, and also helps reduce farmers' expenses for commercial fertilizers.

Why is micronutrient availability so patchy in a field?


When we think of applying fertilizer the nutrients that come to mind initially are the major nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and sulfur (S). However there are 10 other mineral elements or nutrients needed by plants—most are micronutrients.

Fertilizer groups join Global Alliance for Climate Smart Ag


The inaugural meeting of the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture was held in New York to coincide with the United Nation’s Secretary General’s Climate Summit.

Fertilizer demand by U.S. farmers expected to slump


Canadian fertilizer companies Potash Corp of Saskatchewan and Agrium Inc are bracing for a pullback in demand from U.S. farmers due to sliding crop prices, but say any slump is unlikely to be severe.

Study helps MSU scientists make best recommendations


A team of Mississippi State University researchers and specialists are conducting a study to determine if soil-testing recommendations need to be revised.

Planning winter wheat fertility programs (09/24/14)

Potash Corp to recall workers, may raise 2015 potash output (09/19/14)

Improve nutrient balance to boost corn yields (09/19/14)

Canada's small fertilizer companies shuffle ranks (09/18/14)

Gypsum vs. lime: Facts about minerals (09/17/14)

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