Acuron, the newest Syngenta corn herbicide with four active ingredients, including new bicyclopyrone, and three modes of action, is anticipated to receive EPA registration in time for the 2015 growing season.

Supplies are expected to be limited. While it is a new product, its performance has already been evaluated in more than 700 trials nationwide. This year alone, Acuron was tested at 167 trial locations across 35 states. Trials included 95 Syngenta locations, 54 university locations and 18 distributor locations, the company explained.

Syngenta says trials have shown improved and more consistent control of difficult weeds.

Those who weren't able to see Acuron firsthand this season can have the virtual experience with a video plot tour led by Gordon Vail, technical product lead for herbicides, Dain Bruns, R&D scientist, and Eric Anderson, agronomic service representative.

Acuron was developed in response to the expanding problem of weed resistance, troublesome broadleaf weeds and the resulting increase in demand for residual herbicide products with multiple modes of action. With four active ingredients and three modes of action, Acuron will offer “multi-targeted control” of more than 70 tough broadleaf weeds and grasses in corn.