With many products on the market claiming to be the solution to all growers’ weed control needs, helping growers choose a herbicide program isn’t always easy.

To help growers choose and for crop consultants and ag retailers to make good recommendations for a corn herbicide program, Syngenta created a series of videos focused on the problems that growers see in their corn fields. Gordon Vail, Ph.D., technical product lead for herbicides, Syngenta, covers various topics from weather conditions to application timing in these short agronomic clips.

You can watch the videos through the media player link here. To download the videos, visit the link and click the menu button in the bottom right corner of the media player.

In addition to the agronomic videos featuring Vail, Syngenta recently debuted a new Halex GT “Best Job in the World” music video at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show. This short video takes you through the growing season with a series of pictures from planting to harvest.