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Distinguishing Palmer amaranth and waterhemp


The lack of reliable traits to distinguish Palmer amaranth and waterhemp during vegetative stages complicates efforts at stopping the spread of Palmer amaranth across Iowa.

Fall burndown benefits go beyond weed control


Although unpredictable weather may delay application timing of spring herbicides, more growers are adding a burndown application in the fall to their weed management program.

Late-season herbicide applications may be ineffective


For farmers seeing weeds in their crop fields this late in the growing season, hand-rouging and pulling them by hand may be the best way to remove them, more so than using a herbicide, a Purdue Extension weed scientist says.

Arysta LifeScience registers Dinamic herbicide for corn in China (07/25/14)

Invasive weed increasingly taking hold in Kansas (07/23/14)

Controlling large weeds: Do you feel lucky? (07/17/14)

Limiting atrazine in Little Arkansas River Watershed  (07/07/14)

Screening waterhemp for herbicide resistance (06/26/14)

Glyphosate-resistant common ragweed confirmed in Nebraska (06/17/14)

Palmer amaranth threatens Midwest farm economy (06/04/14)

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Afternoon Comments 09/17

Ethanol news likely undercut corn futures Wednesday. The weekly EIA report on the energy sector stated domestic ethanol stocks at an 18-month high, thereby implying diminished corn demand from that sector. That won’t help the grain industry with another massive harvest looming. December corn futures dipped 2.0 cents to $3.4175/bushel in late Wednesday trading, while May sagged 1.75 to $3.625.
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