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ALS-resistant common chickweed becoming more of an issue


Common chickweed (Stellaria media) that is resistant to Group 2, or ALS-inhibiting herbicides, is on the increase in certain areas of the U.S., and can be a considerable problem in wheat production.

Checking weed control at harvest


With harvest now in full swing Paul O. Johnson, SDSU Extension weed science coordinator, reminds farmers not to forget their fall weed control.

Biennial and perennial weed control is best in the fall


Fall is an excellent time to manage biennial and perennial weeds. In particular, biennials such as common burdock, wild carrot, and bull, musk, and plumeless thistles are much easier to kill while they are in the rosette stage of growth and prior to surviving a winter.

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Afternoon Comments 10/22

Wednesday’s soy reversal weighed on corn futures. The corn market seemed to power higher today, especially with the soy complex leading the way higher. However, bullish bean traders couldn’t sustain early gains, with the reversal sending a decidedly bearish technical signal as well. That apparently spurred bullish profit-taking in corn. December corn futures settled 3.0 cents lower at $3.53/bushel Wednesday afternoon, while May sagged 2.5 to $3.76.
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