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Should you plant earlier maturing soybean varieties

For the past two years, 15 percent of the Michigan soybean crop was still in the field as of Nov. 9. The significant harvest delays create several problems for soybean producers such as preventing wheat planting and fall tillage operations, increasing harvest losses, early snow cover and increasing soil compaction due to harvesting when the soil is too wet.


Storage options help grain growers go to market

Putting grain into storage has always been a common practice, especially after a season of above-average production, like 2014. But it's not just about finding a place to hold increased yield. There are financial reasons for growers to delay selling all their grain immediately after harvest.

"The grain market is better in January," said Craig Abell, a Syngenta business development manager. "If growers aren’t locked into a local elevator, they can shop around for the best price."


Robust demand for GM seeds expected

Global Industry Analysts (GIA) announced the release of a comprehensive global report on seeds markets. The global market for seeds is forecast to exceed $112 billion by 2020, driven by expanding population base, rising focus on food security, and robust demand for genetically modified (GM) seeds in developing countries.


Progress continues on hybrid rice breeding

Hybrid development at the Louisiana Rice Research Station continues to make progress under hybrid rice breeders Jim Oard and Weike Li.

Oard, an LSU AgCenter researcher and professor, said a preliminary yield trial resulted in 16 of 35 hybrid lines having a 15-20 percent yield advantage over conventional varieties CL152 and Catahoula, and nine had yields exceeding commercial hybrids CLX729 and XL723.

Multilocation trials of eight new hybrids were conducted in Acadia, St. Landry and Vermilion parishes in 2014, Oard said. Results showed good yield and milling quality.


Soybean demand keeps pace with record production

Soybean prices may not plummet as low as some analysts predicted since strong demand continues to chew through record production, according to Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) leaders.


Drought-tolerant corn taps deeper soil profile

Continued water challenges for corn production on the Texas High Plains has Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists evaluating recent drought-tolerant hybrids from major seed companies.

Dr. Qingwu Xue, AgriLife Research crop stress physiologist in Amarillo, and his assistant research scientist Dr. Baozhen Hao, are wrapping up a two-year study on “Water Use and Grain Yield in Drought-Tolerant Corn in the Texas High Plains.”


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