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Don’t let downy mildew knock down your sunflowers

With the ability to wipe out large portions of sunflowers and significantly decrease yield, downy mildew is one of the most devastating diseases that can strike sunflower fields. A soilborne pathogen that travels via water with “swimming” spores, downy mildew can be costly for growers.


Skip-row planting in rainfed corn

Skip-row is a practice that can increase the success on rainfed corn if one has at least 4,000 pounds of wheat residue (the residue from a 40-bushel wheat crop — spread evenly). A stripper header improves the value of this residue because it lasts longer.


Arkansas rice: Managing seed rots, seedling diseases

Seed rotting microbes can be associated with seeds from storage, fields from the previous season, or soil and water through secondary infection. Rotting seeds become mushy and may be surrounded by gooey substances or white moldy growth due to microbial activities.


Taylor Products releases TRD 2000

The TRD 2000 is the latest in seed box handling technology from Taylor Products. It is designed to automatically take a stack of 3 nested boxes from the infeed side and prepare them for filling.


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