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Advanta Seeds adds new Phoenix corn hybrids

Corn growers in the High Plains and Western states have new options available for the 2016 growing season from Advanta Seeds. The company announces the addition of eight new products, including six new base genetics to the Phoenix corn hybrid lineup.


Study shows how a kernel got naked and corn became king

Ten thousand years ago, a golden grain got naked, brought people together and grew to become one of the top agricultural commodities on the planet. Now, University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have found that just a single letter change in the genetic script of corn's ancestor, teosinte, helped make it all possible.


The path to better seed

Syngenta offered this latest infographic on seeds. Farmers are seeking top-of-the-line seed that includes powerful genetics and yield-protecting traits, and Syngenta is committed to providing growers with the best possible hybrids to help them grow more corn. This infographic highlights the company’s rigorous seed production process, from planting to harvesting to packaging. 


Unlocking the rice immune system

A bacterial signal that when recognized by rice plants enables the plants to resist a devastating blight disease has been identified by a multi-national team of researchers led by scientists with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) and the University of California (UC) Davis.


Beck’s expands territory to include nine states

Beck’s announced a territory expansion into new regions of Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. This expansion adds roughly 12 million acres of corn and soybeans to Beck’s former marketing area to bring its total reach to half of the corn and soybean acres in the U.S.


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