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Beck’s expands territory to include nine states

Beck’s announced a territory expansion into new regions of Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. This expansion adds roughly 12 million acres of corn and soybeans to Beck’s former marketing area to bring its total reach to half of the corn and soybean acres in the U.S.


Planting with scabby seeds, five recommendations

Although scab was not widespread in Ohio this year, there were a few pockets with high levels of the disease in some parts of the state. In addition, persistent rainfall over the last several weeks has caused producers to be concerned about grain quality even in fields without high levels of scab. One of the main questions being asked is whether scab will affect the quality of the wheat seed this fall.


Mycogen Seeds introduces stress-tolerant hybrids

Mycogen Seeds is helping growers in the western Corn Belt manage multiple environmental variables with a holistic solution: its new stress-tolerant corn portfolio. Unveiled this week, the stress-tolerant portfolio features hybrids with a strong agronomic foundation, bred to handle a range of challenges common to the western Corn Belt — including disease and insect pressure, water availability and extreme heat.


How late can I replant corn?

Even though essentially all of Indiana's 2015 corn crop was planted on the first go around, frequent and excessive rains from late May to date, and the subsequent ponding, flooding, or saturated soil conditions have caused extensive damage to the first planting on tens of thousands of acres around the state (Nielsen's very conservative estimate).


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