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Food-delivery process inside seeds revealed

If not enough food is delivered, the seeds won’t have the energy to grow when it’s time to germinate. But very little is understood about this delivery process. New work from a team led by Carnegie’s Wolf Frommer identifies biochemical pathways necessary for stocking the seed’s food supplies. These findings could be targeted when engineering crops for higher yields.


Monsanto and wheat farmers reach settlement agreement

Monsanto Company has entered into a settlement agreement with wheat farmers in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi that resolves a number of lawsuits related to the May 2013 discovery of genetically-modified wheat on a farm in Eastern Oregon and subsequent temporary limits on certain exports of soft white wheat.


Implications of March 1 corn stocks estimate

The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will release an estimate of March 1 stocks of corn on March 31st. That estimate is based on a near-census of commercial storage facilities and a survey of a large sample of corn producers. The stocks estimate provides information needed to calculate the magnitude of feed and residual use of corn during the second quarter (December- February) of the current marketing year.


Roving cameras see the big picture for wheat breeding

Wheat breeders at Washington State University are sizing up experimental crops from a new perspective: cameras that see far better than the human eye.


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