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Rotation resistant and rotation susceptible WCR


A journal article published recently (July 2014) confirms that rotation resistant and rotation susceptible western corn rootworms are affected by Bt root tissue in a similar fashion.

What insects to watch for in corn, beans and wheat


We don’t know what the insect pressure will be like later on yet this year. What we can do, however, is remind agronomists and crop consultants what we think are the most important insects for you to watch for in each of three key crops: corn, soybeans and wheat.

Corn rootworm pest management best with long-term approach


Although the extent of corn rootworm (CRW) pressure in 2014 is yet to be determined, DuPont Pioneer entomologists say planning this season for future rootworm populations is the best way to control the yield-robbing pest.

Western corn rootworm beetles emerging (07/07/14)

Southwestern corn borers emerging (07/02/14)

Japanese beetles emerge in Iowa (06/16/14)

Start scouting for common stalk borer in corn (06/09/14)

Corn rootworm egg hatch under way in Iowa (06/06/14)

Armyworm active in high-risk corn fields (05/27/14)

True armyworms appear in SW Missouri (05/23/14)



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Midday Report 07/24

Corn futures dipped on China talk Thursday morning. Corn futures followed soybeans higher Wednesday night and seemed likely to keep rising after the weekly Export Sales report stated the new-crop result far above expectations. However, rumors that China will insist that U.S. DDGs shipped to that country be certified free of an unapproved GMO trait apparently undercut the market. September corn sank 0.25 cents to $3.6225/bushel late Thursday morning, while December sagged 0.5 cent to $3.7025.
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