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Shift in corn susceptibility to rootworms in Nebraska


During 2011-2013, greater than expected root injury by western corn rootworm larvae to hybrids expressing the Cry3Bb1 protein has been reported in some Nebraska fields.

Harsh winter’s effect on corn rootworm eggs


An upside to the extraordinary cold temperatures South Dakota experienced this winter is the negative impact the extreme temperatures may have had on egg mortality of corn rootworms (CRW).

WCR resistance confirmed in three more Illinois counties


With the addition of three more counties, a total of five Illinois counties have now reported confirmed cases of field-evolved resistance to Bt corn (Cry3Bb1 protein) by western corn rootworm, and a University of Illinois entomologist said now is the time to move forward aggressively with integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

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Success of new bug-fighting approach may vary in each field  (03/13/14)

Studying efforts to manage corn rootworms (02/27/14)



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Morning Comments 04/21

Chinese news may be weighing on corn to start the week. Chinese officials announced overnight that their March imports of U.S. corn had fallen far short of the comparable year=ago level. That probably exaggerated selling stemming from expectations for accelerated corn plantings this week. May corn slid 4.0 cents to $4.9075/bushel Sunday night, while December lost 4.5 to $4.9225.
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