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Entomologist tries to stay ahead of insect resistance to Bt corn


Fall armyworms and corn borers have long been a concern for Louisiana corn growers. While farmers in the U.S. have planted transgenic Bt corn varieties since the 1990s to biologically control pests, staying ahead of their ability to develop resistance is a constant battle.

Watch for mites in this dry weather


There is no guarantee that mites will be a problem in any particular field, but dry (low humidity) weather and drought stressed plants increase the probability of a problem occurring.

Suspected Bt corn rootworm resistance in Pennsylvania


For the past few years, the problem with Bt corn and resistance to western corn rootworms has remained primarily a Midwestern problem. However, suspected resistance has showed up in Pennsylvania.

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Afternoon Comments 08/22

Corn traders seemed to focus on supportive factors Friday. The private crop tour of the Midwest yielded huge corn production forecasts this week, but CBOT prices finished the week strongly. That probably reflected news that drought in northeastern China could chop 3.5 million tonnes from that nation’s harvest. September corn closed up 3.25 cents at $3.655/bushel Friday, while December added 2.5 to $3.715.
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