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Invasive weed increasingly taking hold in Kansas


Spurred by late spring and early summer rainfall, farmers’ row crops across much of Kansas are thriving. And so are the weeds they’re trying to control, including Palmer amaranth, an aggressive and invasive weed that used to be controlled by the popular herbicide glyphosate.

Rotation resistant and rotation susceptible WCR


A journal article published recently (July 2014) confirms that rotation resistant and rotation susceptible western corn rootworms are affected by Bt root tissue in a similar fashion.

Controlling large weeds: Do you feel lucky?


The heavy rains across Iowa have made timely postemergence weed control difficult, even in fields treated with preemergence herbicides. This leads to questions as to what can be done to insure control of weeds larger than specified on herbicide labels.

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Syngenta Information


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Update on herbicide resistance in waterhemp (05/11/12)

Soil an overlooked resource (04/18/11)



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Afternoon Comments 07/30

Corn futures fluctuated around unchanged levels Wednesday. The corn market followed soybeans lower Tuesday night as improved weather forecasts weighed on prices. Ongoing U.S. dollar gains weren’t helpful either. However, news of a sizeable wheat sale to Nigeria boosted those markets, which in turn appeared to keep yellow grain prices stable through the end of the day. September corn settled up 0.25 cent at $3.6175/bushel Wednesday, while December rose 0.5 cent to $3.715.
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