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A growing problem with glyphosate-resistant waterhemp


Among the four glyphosate-resistant weeds in South Dakota, common waterhemp has the potential to be the most problematic in areas where corn-soybean rotation is a mainstay. Before Roundup Ready, most row crops were started with a pre-emergence herbicide with residual, which was then followed by a late post-emergence application to control the late-emerging weeds.

WCR resistance confirmed in three more Illinois counties


With the addition of three more counties, a total of five Illinois counties have now reported confirmed cases of field-evolved resistance to Bt corn (Cry3Bb1 protein) by western corn rootworm, and a University of Illinois entomologist said now is the time to move forward aggressively with integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

Resistance to Bt corn by WCR is a growing concern


A researcher at Iowa State University is urging Iowa farmers to adopt a diverse range of pest management tactics to suppress the resistance of western corn rootworm to Bt corn, a widely used method of keeping a range of pests from ravaging corn crops.

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Afternoon Comments 04/15

Spillover strength supported corn futures Tuesday. The latest forecasts point to cool mid-April temperatures, but they also imply a stretch of dryness. That may allow farmers to take advantage of the dry spell and get lots of corn planted, which weighed upon prices late this morning. However, strength spilling over from the wheat and soy markets apparently pulled prices upward. May corn settled up 0.75 cent to $5.0375/bushel Tuesday afternoon, while December skidded 0.25 to $5.0325.
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