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Multiple herbicide-resistant weeds and the challenges ahead


Multiple herbicide resistance occurs when a weed species is no longer controlled by two or more herbicides with different sites of action applied at labeled rates.

Entomologist tries to stay ahead of insect resistance to Bt corn


Fall armyworms and corn borers have long been a concern for Louisiana corn growers. While farmers in the U.S. have planted transgenic Bt corn varieties since the 1990s to biologically control pests, staying ahead of their ability to develop resistance is a constant battle.

Suspected Bt corn rootworm resistance in Pennsylvania


For the past few years, the problem with Bt corn and resistance to western corn rootworms has remained primarily a Midwestern problem. However, suspected resistance has showed up in Pennsylvania.

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Screening waterhemp for herbicide resistance (06/26/14)

Glyphosate-resistant common ragweed confirmed in Nebraska (06/17/14)

Palmer amaranth threatens Midwest farm economy (06/04/14)

Syngenta unveils Acuron corn herbicide brand signature (05/29/14)

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Soil insecticide and herbicide interaction potential (05/02/13)

Update on herbicide resistance in waterhemp (05/11/12)

Soil an overlooked resource (04/18/11)



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Morning Comments 09/30

Grain and soy traders were probably squaring positions again Monday night. The USDA will release its quarterly Grain Stocks and Small Grain Summary reports at 11:00 AM (CDT) this morning, which could greatly affect prices since the stated total will represent the beginning stocks figure for the new crop year. The industry is very likely preparing for the reports, but the overnight surge by the U.S. dollar is almost surely depressing prices as well. December corn futures slipped 1.25 cents to $3.245/bushel early Tuesday morning, while May lost 1.25 to $3.4575.
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