The Bt corn trait table that is available on our Agronomic Crops Insects web site ( has been updated as of Nov. 1, 2013. This table lists almost all of the hybrids available for growers and the pests they manage, along with the refuge requirements. However, make sure you read the bag label and information for all needed information and requirements.

The reason why this table is not completely up-to-date is that Pioneer just announced last week the release of a new Bt product in their Optimum family, Leptra. Leptra is a combination of Herculex 1 (Cry1F), YieldGard Corn Borer (Cry1Ab), and Agrisure Viptera (Vip3A). However, Ohio growers should know that this product is intended for the southern U.S. where it will help in the management of the numerous above-ground lepidopteran pests in that part of the country, including various corn borers, corn earworm and fall armyworm. Thus, Ohio growers should not expect to see this available anytime soon in our state. Currently, it does not contain a Bt protein for rootworm control.