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Study shows how a kernel got naked and corn became king

Ten thousand years ago, a golden grain got naked, brought people together and grew to become one of the top agricultural commodities on the planet. Now, University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have found that just a single letter change in the genetic script of corn's ancestor, teosinte, helped make it all possible.


Does the Illinois corn crop need rescuing?

The 2015 Illinois corn crop continues to develop on schedule, with 75% of the crop having reached silking by July 19. But the crop condition rating continues its steady downward trend, with the good + excellent percentage now at 55%, down from its high of 79% at the end of May. Virtually all of this decline is due to standing water, past or present.


Beck’s expands territory to include nine states

Beck’s announced a territory expansion into new regions of Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. This expansion adds roughly 12 million acres of corn and soybeans to Beck’s former marketing area to bring its total reach to half of the corn and soybean acres in the U.S.


Weed ID is the key

College students from across the U.S. and Canada competed in the National Weed Science Contest July 20-21 at the Western Agricultural Research Station in South Charleston. The program was part of a competition to see who has bragging rights as the best student weed scientists, said Bruce Ackley, an Ohio State University Extension program specialist in weed science.


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