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Early planting and 2015 corn yield prospects: How much of an increase?

As is the case in most years, there has been no shortage of discussion and analysis this spring of the potential impact of the timeliness of corn planting on yield prospects. Each effort tends to bring a slightly different perspective to the topic.


Is the Bt trait less effective for corn earworms?

A new study from North Carolina State University and Clemson University finds that the toxin in a widely used genetically modified (GM) crop is having little impact on the crop pest called corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) – which is consistent with predictions made almost 20 years ago that had been largely ignored.


Black cutworm scouting 2015

The black cutworm (BCW) is a migratory pest that cuts corn seedlings and feeds on leaf tissue. Scouting for BCW larvae helps to determine if an insecticide application will be cost effective. When to scout for BCW caterpillars is based on the peak flight of moths and accumulating degree days after the peak flight.


Effect of standing water and saturated soils on corn growth and yield

Where there has been standing water or saturated conditions in areas of a field for a couple straight days or more, producers may wonder if this will have any effect on corn, either now or as the season goes along.


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