CO/NE/WY Elevator Grain Bids


Greeley, CO    Fri Sep 12, 2014    USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News 

CO/NE/WY Elevator Afternoon Grain Bids

   Cash grain bids to farmers delivered to country elevators for Corn,

Wheat and Soybeans per bushel; and Sorghum, Millet, and Sunflowers per cwt.

as of 3:00 pm. Sep 12, 2014.

US 1 Hard Red Winter Wheat Ordinary Protein: mostly 13 lower.

                                                       Current    New Crop

Northwest Colorado                         range Not Available


Northcentral Colorado                          range 5.00-5.31

  Greeley                                                 5.00

  Bennett/Roggen/Byers                               5.28-5.31

Northeast Colorado                             range 5.09-5.23


     Julesburg/Paoli/Peetz                           5.09-5.13

  Yuma/Wray/Brush/Akron/Otis/Anton                   5.15-5.23

Eastcentral Colorado                           range 5.23-5.38

  Cheyenne Wells                                          5.38


     Flagler/Bethune/Stratton                        5.23-5.38

Southeast Colorado                             range 5.23-5.53


Southcentral Colorado                          range      4.28

  Monte Vista

Southwest NE and Southeast WY                  range 5.08-5.18

  Venango/Chappell/Big Springs/Brule                 5.08-5.18

  Kimball/Pine Bluffs/Sidney/Brownson/Potter         5.10-5.16

US 2 Yellow Corn: mostly 2 lower.

Northcentral Colorado                          range 3.15-4.00

  Greeley/Eaton                                      3.39 4.00

  Roggen/Byers                                       3.15-3.68

Northeast Colorado                             range 3.29-4.00


     Julesburg/Paoli/Peetz                           3.31-3.49

  Yuma/Wray/Brush/Otis/Anton                         3.29-4.00

Eastcentral Colorado                           range 3.19-3.59

  Cheyenne Wells                                          3.19


     Flagler/Bethune/Stratton                        3.22-3.59

Southeast Colorado                             range 3.17-3.69


Southwest NE and Southeast WY                  range 3.19-3.39

  Venango/Chappell/Big Springs/Brule/                3.25-3.31

     Kimball/Pine Bluffs/Sidney/Potter               3.19-3.39

US 2 Yellow Sorghum: mostly 3 lower.

Southeast Colorado                             range 5.34-5.70


US 1 Yellow Soybeans: unevenly steady.

Southwest NE                                   range 8.70-9.57

  Venango/Chappell/Big Springs/Sidney/Potter

White Millet 

  Colorado/SW NE/SE WY                         range 6.50-7.00

                                               mostly     6.50


  Colorado/SW NE/SE WY                        range 16.00-17.00

Source:  USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO

         Tammy Judson, Market Reporting Assistant (970)353-9750 

         24 Hour Market Report (970)353-8031

1500M    rsb

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