The USDA's March Feed Outlook showed global coarse grain consumption in 2011/2012 is projected up 2.2 million tons this month to 1,152.0 million, with feed and residual use up 1.9 million tons to 664.7 million. Corn total use is forecast up 1.9 million tons, with feed increased 1.4 million.

World and India’s millet consumption is up 1.2 million, with feed increased 0.6 million. Global sorghum use is cut 0.5 million tons, nearly all food use in India. World barley use is down 0.6 million tons as reductions for Australia, China, and South Korea more than offset increased use forecast for Azerbaijan and Iran.

Corn use in the EU for 2011/12 is projected up 1.0 million tons to 65.9 million as corn is being priced competitively into feed rations compared to feed-quality wheat. EU wheat feeding is forecast down 1.0 million tons this month to 55.5 million. India’s corn feed use is projected up 0.4 million tons to 9.7 million, with increased corn production and dynamic demand for eggs and poultry meat.

Corn feed use is forecast 0.1 million tons higher for Chile and Peru, with smaller increases for South Africa, Australia, and Kyrgyzstan. However, Malaysia’s corn feed use is reduced 0.3 million tons to 2.9 million because poultry production is relatively flat. Corn food, seed, and industrial use is forecast down 0.1 million tons each for India and the Philippines but increased slightly for Peru and South Africa.