It’s the end of the road for this year’s corn and soybean harvest as farmers wrap up what’s left of the season.

According to the USDA’s latest “Crop Progress” report, 91 percent of the country’s corn has been harvested, compared to 84 percent last week and the national five-year average of 86 percent.

Just four states are below their five-year corn harvest average – Kentucky (94 percent), Michigan (75 percent), Tennessee (98 percent) and Wisconsin (74 percent).

Soybeans are still slightly behind their national five-year average with 95 percent complete. Most of the states, while progressing faster that corn harvest, are still behind their state’s five-year average. Of the nine states trailing their average, half are within less than 2 percentage points.

Two states – Kentucky and Tennessee – are behind their state’s average by 18 percentage points.

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