Corn, soybean harvest winds downThe end of the 2012 harvest season is quickly nearing for corn and soybean producers. With 87 percent of corn and 80 percent of soybeans already harvested, the fast pace continues, according to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report.

The progress for corn puts this year’s harvest at 38 percentage points above the five-year average.

Harvest will likely be done within the next few weeks, setting yet another record in what has become an entirely record-breaking season.  

The closest record was in 2010, when the pace for the fourth week in October was at 83 percent. Other record-setting years include 1991 (80 percent), 2000 (78 percent), 1999 (77 percent), 1987 (76 percent), and 1988 (74 percent).

Here is a look at how the states are progressing:

  • Arkansas: Soybeans in the states have made impressive progress this year, jumping by 11 percentage points from last week to 75 percent this week. Rain was minimal over the last 7 days according to the National Weather Service, with most of the state receiving just a trace to one-fourth of an inch. However, soybean harvest remains 5 percentage points below the national average.
  • Colorado:  The state’s corn harvest is nearly double that of last year with 64 percent of corn harvested. It is also 14 percentage points above last week’s report of 50 percent, partly due to a dry week for the majority of Colorado.  Light, spotty showers were confined to the northern part of the state where less than one-fourth of an inch fell.
  • Corn, soybean harvest winds downIllinois:  Corn harvest in the state has now reached 92 percent, making it the 10th highest percentage reported among the top corn-producing states. It is also 30 percentage points higher than the state’s five-year average. Soybean harvest is also progressing, gaining by 11 percentage points to reach 80 percent this week. Despite the progress, however, soybean harvest is 1 percentage point below last year’s pace.
  • Indiana:  Progress for both crops are well ahead of last year’s pace, with 72 percent of corn and 69 percent of soybeans harvested. For corn harvest, this week's report is 33 percentage points above 2011’s report.
  • Iowa: Currently, 93 percent of corn and 96 percent of soybeans have been harvested.  Soybean harvest is 8 percentage points ahead of the five-year average and 3 percentage points above the report from last year.
  • Kansas:  With soybean harvest sitting at 59 percents, things aren’t as sunny in the Sunflower State. This week's harvest progress puts Kansas 11 percentage points below last year’s report. Corn harvest remains impressive with 94 percent of corn harvested. Rain was not a factor as most of the state reported no rain. Wind, however, did slow harvest late last week as high winds caused many problems throughout the state.
  • Kentucky:  Fifty-four percent of the state’s soybeans and 94 percent of corn have been harvested. While both crops gained by at least 3 percentage points from last week, soybean progress is 3 percentage points behind Kentucky’s five-year average. 
  • Louisiana: Ninety-two percent of soybeans in the state have been harvested, compared to 87 percent last week and 96 percent last year. Rain over the past week was spotty, with many areas reporting less than one-quarter of an inch.
  • Michigan: With just 48 percent of corn harvested, the state ranks at the bottom of the nation’s top corn-producing states. Despite lagging behind the rest of the states, Michigan remains 17 percentage points ahead of its five-year average. Soybean harvest progress has reached 77 percent, compared to last week’s report of 67 percent.
  • Minnesota: All of the state’s soybeans have been harvested, putting it 19 percentage points above the five-year average. Corn harvest isn’t far behind at 96 percent, compared to the five-year average of 43 percent.  
  • Mississippi:  Soybean harvest is quickly ending in the state, with 94 percent already harvested. This puts progress 10 percentage points above the five-year average and 5 points ahead of last year’s pace. Aside from a heavier band of rain producing up to 2 inches in the central part of the state, most of Mississippi saw between a trace to an inch of rain.
  • Missouri: Corn harvest has reached 97 percent in the state, but soybeans are lagging behind at 50 percent. Soybean harvest is 15 percentage points below last year’s pace and just 1 percentage point above the five-year average.
  • Nebraska: Corn and soybean harvest in the state are progressing well above last year’s pace. Corn harvest is currently at 89 percent complete, putting it 45 percentage points ahead of 2011’s report and 52 percentage points above the state’s five-year average. Soybean harvest was reported at 95 percent, which is a jump of 5 percentage points from last year. Both crops gained by 9 percentage points from last week, which is notable considering gusty, late-week winds that shut down portions of I-80 due to zero-visibility caused by dust kicked up by the 70 mph winds.
  • North Carolina:  North Carolina received little rain last week, reporting between a trace and one-half of an inch of rain. Despite the drier conditions, soybean harvest gained by just 3 percentage points to put this week’s progress at 10 percent. This is by far the lowest percentage reported by the top soybean-producing states. It also puts the state 5 percentage points behind the five-year average and 8 points below last year’s pace. Corn harvest was reported at 94 percent.
  • North Dakota: Ninety-one percent of the state’s corn has now been harvested, which is an incredible 62 percentage points above North Dakota’s five-year average. All of the state’s soybeans have been harvested, making it one of three states reporting harvest completion for the crop.
  • Ohio: The Buckeye State was the biggest gainer for both corn and soybean harvest progress, jumping ahead to 50 percent for corn and 63 percent for soybeans. Despite gaining 19 percentage points for corn and 25 points for soybeans – the biggest gain reported of both crops – Ohio remains one of the lowest percentages for completed corn harvest.
  • Pennsylvania: Fifty-eight percent of the state’s corn has now been harvested, putting this year’s progress 29 percentage points above last year’s report.
  • South Dakota:  Like Nebraska and Kansas, strong winds fueled by an upper-level lower pounded the state with 80 mph winds late last week. Despite the complications, producers were able to make progress in harvest, jumping to 96 percent for corn and 100 percent for soybeans.
  • Tennessee: Corn harvest in the state is close to the finish line with 98 percent completed. This is on-track with the state’s report from last year (94 percent). In soybean harvest, however, Tennessee ranks 17th of 18 reporting states with just 48 percent complete. This is 7 percentage points behind the five-year average.
  • Texas: Producers in the Lone Star State have completed 95 percent of corn harvest, putting them on-track with last year’s pace and 7 percentage points above the five-year average. Last week was dry for most of Texas, with a trace to 1 inch of rain recorded in the southern parts of the state.
  • Wisconsin: Soybean harvest is progressing faster than corn harvest, with 94 percent of soybeans and just 66 percent of corn harvested. Though corn harvest is lagging behind the progress made with soybeans, with crops 32 percentage points and 38 points ahead of Wisconsin’s five-year average respectfully.

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