Last year’s slow planting is now a distant memory for farmers as USDA showed 87 percent of corn planting in its latest Crop Progress Report. Farmers advanced by 16 percentage points this week, marking the fourth straight week of double-digit progress made from the week before.

Overall, 10 states have reported at least 90 percent of their corn in the ground, with Tennessee (99 percent) leading the states. Other states with high percentages of planted corn include North Carolina (97 percent), Kentucky (96 percent) and Illinois (95 percent).

Pennsylvania (56 percent) is pulling up the rear, with Wisconsin (57 percent) and Michigan (60) not far behind.  

Just as planting has quickly progressed, so has the emerged corn. Last week, 32 percent of corn was emerged. This week, 56 percent is now emerged -- well above the five-year average of 28 percent and last year’s pace of 16 percent.

All states have reported at least 13 percent of corn emerged, compared to 2011, when two states had yet to report any emerged corn. Six states (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennesse and Texas) are within 25 percentage points of reaching 100 percent.

Soybean planting nearing 50 percent
Much like corn, soybean planting has taken off. This week, 46 percent of soybeans has been planted, compared to 17 percent last year and 24 percent last week. Mississippi (90 percent) reported the highest percentage of planted soybeans, with Louisiana (74 percent) and Arkansas (71 percent) not far behind. Wisconsin (16 percent) and North Carolina (18 percent) have reported the lowest percentage of planted soybeans.

Sixteen of the top 18 producing states are above their 2011 pace, with Louisiana and North Carolina 2 percentage points below last year’s report.

Sixteen percent of the soybeans have now emerged, which is more than double last week’s report. It is also 13 percentage points above last year’s progress and 11 points above the five-year above. Less than a quarter of the soybeans has yet to emerge in Mississippi (80 percent). Just one state -- Wisconsin -– has yet to report any soybeans emerged, compared to eight states without emerged soybeans last year.