The USDA’s latest “Crop Progress” report showed no change in crop conditions this week with 8 percent of corn and 7 percent of soybeans in poor or worse condition.

These same percentages have been pretty much in place since early June.

Yet, conditions for both crops are significantly better than those reported last year:





--Percent in poor or worse condition--

July 7, 2013



July 8, 2012



Colorado has the worst corn in the country, with 51 percent rated "very poor," "poor" or "fair." Meanwhile, corn in two other Plains states – Kansas and Missouri – are quickly deteriorating.

The states with the best corn are primarily in the eastern Corn Belt, including Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

The drought is still playing a role in affecting the country’s corn. The latest “Ag in Drought” report showed that as of July 2, 17 percent of the corn growing in the United States is within an area experiencing drought.

Soybean conditions told a similar story with Arkansas and Iowa reporting the highest percentage of beans in "very poor" or "poor" condition. 

States with the best soybeans include Kentucky and Tennessee.

Crop conditions weren’t the only newsworthy items in the report. Corn silking was reported at 6 percent, down considerably from the five-year average of 20 percent and last year’s report of 46 percent. Ten percent of soybeans have bloomed.

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