With corn planting now complete, 97 percent of corn in the top 18 producing states has emerged, according to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report released June 20. Seventy percent of crops were in “good” to “excellent” condition, compared to 69 percent last week and 75 percent last year.

One-third of the states reported lower percentages of emerged corn than the national average; however, Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Dakota remain within ten-percent of completion. Pennsylvania continues to be an outlier of the states with just 76 percent of corn emerged, which is 16 percentage points behind its 2010 pace.

Overall, crop conditions in the top 18 producing states remained steady this week:

Corn conditions remain steady
Iowa and Wisconsin reported the best crop conditions with 84 percent and 82 percent in “good” to “excellent” condition. North Carolina and Texas continue to struggle with 34 and 41 percent of crops in “very poor” to “poor conditions.

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