The majority of corn has been planted and emerged, shifting attention to conditions and soybean planting.

The USDA’s latest “Crop Progress” report showed that 95 percent of corn has been planted and 85 percent emerged across the top 18 corn-producing states in the nation.  Even in Iowa, where corn planting progress was one of the slowest reported last week, made impressive strives to jump ahead by 4 percentage points.

Now that producers have their seed in the ground, all eyes are now on conditions.

Eight percent of the nation’s corn is considered in poor to very poor condition, 1 percentage point higher than last week and identical to conditions reported in 2012.

Iowa and Illinois – two of the wettest states in the Union – also reported some of the worst conditions. Fourteen percent of corn in Iowa and 13 percent in Illinois have been reported in poor or worse condition.

Colorado, a state currently plagued by dust storms reminiscent of the “Dirty ‘30s,” leads the nation with the highest percentage of corn in struggling conditions. Eighteen percent of corn in Colorado is in poor to very poor condition, more than double the national average.

For soybeans, the progress is notable. Planting jumped ahead by 14 percentage points this week to 71 percent. It’s still behind the five-year average of 84 percent but it is a vast improvement from last week. Nearly half of the soybeans – 48 percent – have also emerged.

Read the report here.