Predicted corn rootworm hatch begins for 2012

05/30/2012 7:20:00 AM

Corn rootworm egg hatch in Iowa can occur from late May to the middle of June, depending on accumulating... Read more.

Corn, beans and the pests that came to the party

05/22/2012 7:15:00 AM

The planting season may be wrapping up, but the crop protection season has just begun. And there are... Read more.

Black cutworm flocks to Indiana; scouting critical

05/09/2012 9:38:27 AM

Record numbers of black cutworm moths have descended upon Indiana fields, and after a week of warm... Read more.

Sampling for corn nematodes

04/30/2012 7:00:00 AM

Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that attack roots of corn and other plants. In corn, nematodes... Read more.

Mild winter: Pests, diseases likely on the rise

04/24/2012 7:00:00 AM

Mild temperatures have kick-started an early planting season this year, as well as the potential for... Read more.

Steps to stop spread of resistant corn rootworms

04/23/2012 12:15:00 PM

The discovery that more Western corn rootworms are resistant to the toxin contained in widely planted... Read more.

Cold not slowing down black cutworm moths

04/23/2012 11:45:00 AM

The spring migratory flight of black cutworm moths remained impressive across the state and the Corn... Read more.

Too early to think about cutworms?

04/13/2012 9:37:47 AM

I’ve had a couple of calls related to the use of insecticides for cutworms. No-till and late... Read more.

Black cutworm moths arrive early in Indiana

04/11/2012 7:15:00 AM

Look at this week’s “Black Cutworm Adult Pheromone Trap Report.” Do it now. Our dutiful... Read more.

European corn borer reveals its Achilles heel

03/26/2012 7:20:00 AM

Scientists at Rothamsted Research have identified the crucial controls of population cycles of the European... Read more.

How will insects respond to this strange weather?

03/23/2012 4:00:00 PM

How will the mild winter and record-breaking high temperatures in March affect insect survival and... Read more.

Corn test shows no evidence of nematode injury

03/19/2012 7:10:00 AM

Amid growing questions of nematodes' effect on corn yields in Ohio, a recent sampling in the 2011... Read more.

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