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Is the Bt trait less effective for corn earworms?

A new study from North Carolina State University and Clemson University finds that the toxin in a widely used genetically modified (GM) crop is having little impact on the crop pest called corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) – which is consistent with predictions made almost 20 years ago that had been largely ignored.


Black cutworm scouting 2015

The black cutworm (BCW) is a migratory pest that cuts corn seedlings and feeds on leaf tissue. Scouting for BCW larvae helps to determine if an insecticide application will be cost effective. When to scout for BCW caterpillars is based on the peak flight of moths and accumulating degree days after the peak flight.


Black cutworms, armyworms becoming active in some areas

Warmer weather and newly emerging corn coupled with reports of large populations of black cutworms and armyworms reported last month in Indiana and Kentucky means Ohio growers could start to find larvae from these pests in their fields over the next few weeks.


Pest management is the best prevention plan

With warmer temperatures and plants springing to life, farmer’s thoughts are shifting to planting crops. There are many aspects to consider when developing a plan for the growing season. A key part is having a solid pest management system in place. This includes preparing for black cutworm.


Black cutworm monitoring 2015: ISU needs your help

To make scouting easier, the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program at Iowa State University relies on a network of farmers, agronomists, and Extension staff to place and monitor traps for the adult moths (Fig. 1).


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