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Stalk and crown rot diseases likely in many fields


Much of the 2014 Nebraska corn crop has experienced repeated and prolonged stress and wounding. While most of the crop looks good, we are beginning to see early evidence of problems developing.

Common rust vs. Southern rust on corn


Identifying plant diseases is often very difficult and requires practice and experience. Questions always come in about what rust is affecting corn and whether to utilize a fungicide.

Southern rust confirmed in South Dakota


Southern rust was recently found in Brookings County at very low incidence and severity, said Emmanuel Byamukama, SDSU Extension plant pathologist.

An overview of corn ear rots (09/08/14)

LSU researchers look for biological controls for aflatoxin (08/21/14)

Goss’s wilt confirmed for first time in 2014 in Wisconsin (08/20/14)

Goss’s bacterial wilt and leaf blight of corn (08/18/14)

Southern rust confirmed in southeast Nebraska (07/31/14)

Corn foliar disease update (07/30/14)

Northern corn leaf blight seen across Corn Belt (07/29/14)

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Afternoon Comments 10/22

Wednesday’s soy reversal weighed on corn futures. The corn market seemed to power higher today, especially with the soy complex leading the way higher. However, bullish bean traders couldn’t sustain early gains, with the reversal sending a decidedly bearish technical signal as well. That apparently spurred bullish profit-taking in corn. December corn futures settled 3.0 cents lower at $3.53/bushel Wednesday afternoon, while May sagged 2.5 to $3.76.
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