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Cellerate receives EPA certification for cellulosic biofuels RINs


Quad County Corn Processors (QCCP) has achieved EPA certification to generate D3 Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) for cellulosic ethanol produced with Cellerate process technology.

ALS-resistant common chickweed becoming more of an issue


Common chickweed (Stellaria media) that is resistant to Group 2, or ALS-inhibiting herbicides, is on the increase in certain areas of the U.S., and can be a considerable problem in wheat production.

Does black layer form when corn is frosted?


A killing fall frost prior to physiological maturity can cause premature leaf death or whole plant death. This occurred recently when temperatures dropped below freezing in some late planted Ohio corn that had yet “black-layered."

Checking weed control at harvest (10/17/14)

Local corn prices dip below $2 in some areas (10/16/14)

Advanta to distribute Phoenix brand corn seed from Syngenta (10/15/14)

Advanta to distribute Phoenix brand seed from Syngenta (10/15/14)

How many acres of corn are needed in 2015? (10/14/14)

Syngenta confirms it applied to cultivate GMO corn in China (10/13/14)

Test stalk strength by getting pushy with the crop (10/13/14)

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Key Reports

Exports: Corn net sales (finally) climb (02/27/14)

Exports: Corn net sales plummet 46 percent (02/21/14)

USDA: Corn sales tumble 25% from last week (02/13/14)

WASDE: Corn prices to stay under $5 (02/10/14)

Exports: Corn net sales bounce to 10-week high (01/30/14)

Export sales: Corn tumbles 16 percent (01/24/14)

USDA: Corn sales start 2014 steady (01/09/14)

Corn exports slowly creep higher (12/19/13)

Corn exports rebound slightly after slow slide (12/12/13)

$4.75 corn in 2014? USDA thinks so (12/10/13)

Market Commentary

Afternoon Comments 10/21

Corn futures posted an impressive rally Tuesday. Monday’s weekly USDA Crop Progress report stated the corn harvest as being just 31% complete, which apparently sparked a corn futures bounce from overnight lows. Prospects for fine late-October harvesting weather may have limited gains, but bulls were probably joined by technicians as December futures bounced from moving average support. December corn futures rebounded 7.75 cents to $3.56/bushel Tuesday afternoon, while May surged 8.0 to $3.785.
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