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Monsanto launches Mexico center for developing GMO corn


Global seed technology giant Monsanto said it has launched a global center in Mexico for developing new hybrid and genetically modified strains of corn, part of the company's push to boost output of the planet's most widely produced grain.

Corn stocks top 1.2 billion bushels


In its latest Grain Stocks report, the USDA reported 1.24 billion bushels of old crop corn stocks in all positions on Sept. 1, up 50 percent from last year’s report.

Weed seed present at harvest offers weed control opportunity


At grain harvest, removing the weed seed often becomes a missed opportunity, and a tremendous amount of weed seeds are left on the field. Harvesting weed seeds can prevent them from becoming part of the soil seed bank.

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Key Reports

Exports: Corn net sales (finally) climb (02/27/14)

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USDA: Corn sales tumble 25% from last week (02/13/14)

WASDE: Corn prices to stay under $5 (02/10/14)

Exports: Corn net sales bounce to 10-week high (01/30/14)

Export sales: Corn tumbles 16 percent (01/24/14)

USDA: Corn sales start 2014 steady (01/09/14)

Corn exports slowly creep higher (12/19/13)

Corn exports rebound slightly after slow slide (12/12/13)

$4.75 corn in 2014? USDA thinks so (12/10/13)

Market Commentary

Morning Comments 10/01

The crop markets came under continued pressure Tuesday night. Tuesday’s USDA reports did little to slow the bearish trend in the grain and soy markets. Ultimately, the surging corn and soy harvest seems likely to keep weighing on prices for several more weeks. That was certainly true overnight. December corn futures dipped 1.75 cents to $3.19/bushel early Wednesday morning, while May lost 1.5 to $3.405.
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