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CSNT shows low accuracy for evaluating corn deficiencies

A high percentage of corn fields may receive substantially more N fertilizer than is economically optimum, for which there are no obvious visual signs. Conversely, fields deficient in N have obvious visual cues, such as stunted growth and yellowing leaves. The Corn Stalk Nitrate Test (CSNT) has been used for two decades by farmers and consultants as an end-of-season tool for evaluating field-specific corn N management practices.


Field Forward look at the Enlist Weed Control System

From Ohio to Nebraska and Minnesota to Arkansas, growers throughout the United States participated in the stewarded introduction of Enlist corn and grew Enlist soybeans for seed production under the Dow AgroSciences’ Field Forward program in 2015. The Field Forward program provides select growers an opportunity to experience new technology before it is commercially available.


Remind farmers of how four crop inputs boost profit

Mycogen Seeds Commercial Agronomist John Long says crop inputs are not the place to cut corners. Crop inputs impact both this year’s bottom line and long-term field productivity. Cutting crucial crop needs one year may cause long-term consequences in following years.


Waiting for higher corn and soybean prices

By many accounts, corn and soybean producers still have not priced a relatively large portion of the 2015 crops. These crops are being held in open storage, either on the farm or in commercial facilities, or in the form of basis contracts or delayed pricing contracts. Producers have judged that there is potential for higher prices, or at least a small risk of lower prices, as the marketing year progresses.


FMC launches Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide

FMC is launching Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide, the first of its kind, integrated in-furrow product for insect and disease control. Formulated with the patented Liquid Fertilizer Ready technology from FMC, Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide combines the at-plant insecticide with a broad-spectrum preventative biofungicide, the first corn biopesticide offering from FMC.


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