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Will high yields rescue 2014 crop returns?


To have positive returns, yields must be exceptionally high. In this year, those farmers forward contracting a substantial portion of 2014 production likely will have higher returns than farmers who did not contract.

Late-season purpling in corn


Issues with purple coloration of corn plants sometimes occur about mid-August or later. It is perhaps more common for purple coloration in corn to occur early in the season, often a result of a phosphorus deficiency or cold temperature stress.

Cereal rye cover crops prior to corn: Are there issues?


The number one question related to cereal rye and corn is the subject of growth suppression. Rye is an excellent weed suppressor, particularly because it is able to outcompete weeds.

Strip tillage and fertilization for corn (08/25/14)

Storage problems likely with bumper corn crop (08/22/14)

Kentucky corn: Scouting for stalk strength (08/22/14)

Do big corn crops always get bigger? (08/22/14)

LSU researchers look for biological controls for aflatoxin (08/21/14)

Goss’s wilt confirmed for first time in 2014 in Wisconsin (08/20/14)

Entomologist tries to stay ahead of insect resistance to Bt corn (08/19/14)

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CO/NE/WY Elevator Grain Bids (08/28/14)

Montana Cash Grain Prices (08/28/14)

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Key Reports

Exports: Corn net sales (finally) climb (02/27/14)

Exports: Corn net sales plummet 46 percent (02/21/14)

USDA: Corn sales tumble 25% from last week (02/13/14)

WASDE: Corn prices to stay under $5 (02/10/14)

Exports: Corn net sales bounce to 10-week high (01/30/14)

Export sales: Corn tumbles 16 percent (01/24/14)

USDA: Corn sales start 2014 steady (01/09/14)

Corn exports slowly creep higher (12/19/13)

Corn exports rebound slightly after slow slide (12/12/13)

$4.75 corn in 2014? USDA thinks so (12/10/13)

Market Commentary

Afternoon Comments 08/28

Rising Black Sea tensions supporting the grain markets. Sources have proven that Russian forces are in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile rebel forces have reportedly occupied the important port town of Mariupol, which may slow the flow of Ukrainian grain to the world market. Corn is less affected than wheat, but that region produces lots of corn as well. September corn rallied 5.75 cents to $3.6175/bushel Wednesday, while December added 4.25 to $3.6925.
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