Commercial Seed Tenders

Convey-all Industries offers eight models of Commercial Seed Tenders that are optionally mounted on a truck frame, or trailer mounted (depending on model). Ranging in length from 16-40’ in length these units are designed for speed, effciency and reduced product damage. Not only can they be used for seeding inputs but also our trailer mounted models can be used to move the harvest into the bin. Many confgurations and options available including stainless steel for corrosive applications.

About Convey-All USA

From the beginning, Convey-All USA has approached our business with a combination of engineering expertise, practical know-how and the type of homespun zeal that’s commonly found in the heart of the upper Midwest. You see it when two farmers get together over a cup of coffee and you hear it when one says, “You know what would make that thing better?” That’s how Hamilton Farm Supply, LLC began in 1994. Back then, we had one product: a universal header manufactured by Commercial Welding (which later became Convey-All Industries of Winkler, Manitoba—the company that manufactures our products). Today, Hamilton Systems, Inc., also known as Convey-All USA is the sole US distributor of the entire Convey-All line of seed tenders, conveyors, seed treatment systems and bulk handling systems. Convey-All USA by Hamilton Systems, Inc. Farmer-Fueled Innovation.




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