4-Direction Swinging Discharge Chute

Quickveyor - The ultimate in seed and fertilizer handling - built of quality 304 stainless, the Quickveyor has a 26.5-ton capacity with multiple compartment options. The belt-driven conveyor offloads over 3 tons per minute. Flexible design allows for off-season hauling and the new “4-Direction Swinging Discharge Chute” allows remote control flling of air seeders and larger compartments. For operations that need a quick, clean reliable, and cost-effective method of tending bulk granular fertilizer and seed, the Quickveyor is your solution. Starting at $50,995. Email info@quickveyor.com for more information.

About Quickveyor

The Quickveyor conveyor/trailer unit combines an advanced all stainless steel and tubular rear discharge chute with a Merritt MVT aluminum trailer.



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