Vector 300

The Vector 300 from RBR Enterprise is an industry-leading, high-clearance applicator, designed to extend one machine into two seasons, pre- and post-plant. With the power and strength of a mechanical drive system, true 4x4 capabilities, and superior transport speed, RBR has created a beastly multiseason machine unlike any other.

About RBR Enterprises

At RBR Enterprise, we believe in high quality design and construction as well as machine performance. We work hand in hand with our dealers to ensure that all ideas are brought directly from the field to our engineers. We will never settle and will always strive to make the perfect design, even better. Our dealers share the same principles and exhibit them with the utmost of professionalism.

Over a decade ago, RBR Enterprise realized the importance and need of a mechanical four-wheel drive high clearance AG chassis in the market place. At the time we commissioned Mertz Manufacturing, a staple in the manufacturing of heavy equipment, to build a unit designed to our specifications. This machine has been enhanced over the years to offer the reliability and quality our customers expect.

In 2006, due to growing demand, RBR Enterprise acquired the manufacturing rights to the Vector 300. Our machine is now manufactured at our new facility located in Byhalia, MS.

RBR Enterprise will continue to monitor the ever changing atmosphere of the agricultural industry and strive to bring equipment to the market place that is engineered and manufactured with quality, dependability, and pride.



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