GVM E-Series Prowler with Adjustable Axle

Adjustability meets mechanical effciency in the E-Series Prowler. Multiple track width options and the ability to set front and rear axles independently from the operator’s seat make the Prowler your most versatile option yet. It offers the industry’s largest capacities and the flexibility to quickly switch between wet and dry application. Featuring a brand new cab, with a comfortable suede, heated and air-conditioned seat, additional USB ports, Bluetooth, and automatic climate control, the Prowler is ideal for long days. The Prowler’s light footprint and equal weight distribution minimizes compaction, allows you to cover more acres and offers the industry’s widest spread pattern. The full-time, four-wheel Prowler is powered by a Tier 3 Cummins engine and Funk 11-speed powershift transmission.

About GVM Incorporated

GVM is a large manufacturer of agricultural application and snow equipment. We place a large emphasis on designing and building the most reliable, innovative, and versatile equipment on the market today. Our ultimate goal is to provide end users with the best available products in a constantly changing marketplace. We focus on speed, comfort, fuel efficiency, and mechanically friendly equipment. We continue our rich history with a commitment to be the industry’s leader in innovation and to develop equipment that makes sense for the farmer, custom application, dealer, government agency and airport.



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