Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kits (VRH)

New Direct Hydraulic Drive for Piston Pumps, a lower cost, more compact solution for variable rate piston pump drives. Users can supply their own SAE A two-bolt motor or a hydraulic motor/PWM manifold kit is available from CDS-John Blue Company. All CDS-John Blue Piston Pumps are built to last, engineered for performance. Only pumps that can pull product from your tanks plus application rates do not change due to temperature fluctuations. All CDS-John Blue Piston Pumps are available with variable rate hydraulic drive kits or ground drive assemblies. Plus we offer a wide selection of adjustable rate models; apply two products at two different rates with just one pump.

About CDS-John Blue Company

CDS-John Blue Company manufactures liquid agricultural pumps and products for both applicator and irrigation use.



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