Gator Probe

The AMS Gator Probe was designed with operator comfort and effciency in mind. This one-of-akind soil probe offers the benefts of a “closed end” soil probe, but the hinged jaw quickly transforms the unit into an “open ended” soil probe providing easy access to the entire soil core. Outftted with a side foot-peg, the user can easily step the probe into the ground. The gator probe is ideal for composite sampling or feld extraction of representative cores for subsequent analysis by a soil lab.

About AMS Samplers

Since AMS Inc., was founded in 1942, our products have been used by individuals, businesses, non-profits, governments and universities throughout the world for a wide variety of sampling purposes. AMS equipment is primarily used for environmental and geotechnical sampling and monitoring, as well as for remediation activities. They also provide simple solutions for a variety of other fields, including: agriculture, construction, golf & turf, mining, pest control, etc.


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