Cropscan 3000H

Introducing the CropScan 3000H, the first reliable and accurate On combine quality analyzer. The concept is simple: Install a sensor on your combine that will analyze your harvested crop for qualities such as protein and moisture in wheat and barley, or oil, protein and moisture in canola. Readings are generally collected every 7–11 seconds. Link the quality reading with GPS to create a map that can be used for agronomic improvements. Display field averages, load averages and instant readings for immediate and future marketing. Store your data in the cloud to access when the crop is ready to sell.

About CROPSCAN, Inc.

CROPSCAN, Inc. develops and manufactures Multispectral Radiometer Systems, Data Logger Controllers and a variety of sensors used primarily for, but not limited to, agricultural research.

The company was founded in 1985 by Dr. Vernyl Pederson. In 1975, during his work on Barley foliar diseases at North Dakota State University, Dr. Vernyl Pederson developed what would later become the first CROPSCAN Multispectral Radiometer, the MSR87.

In 1990, Del Nantt joined the company. He designed The Data Logger Controller (DLC) and MSR electronics as well as the data acquisition software, for the newer MSR systems.



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