Professional and automatic soil sampling.
GVM understands the importance of soil sampling and the many backbreaking hours sampling consumes. The AgriProbe speeds up the lengthy sampling process, reducing the manual labor hours it previously consumed. This small but mighty machine utilizes 2,500 pounds of force to drive the probe into the ground, allowing users to collect soil samples more effciently and assist in collecting more revenue by providing a more consistent and repeatable service. The AgriProbe easily pulls the same size sample, at the same depth, every time, while allowing the user to rest comfortably in a climate-controlled cab.

About GVM Incorporated

GVM is a large manufacturer of agricultural application and snow equipment. We place a large emphasis on designing and building the most reliable, innovative, and versatile equipment on the market today. Our ultimate goal is to provide end users with the best available products in a constantly changing marketplace. We focus on speed, comfort, fuel efficiency, and mechanically friendly equipment. We continue our rich history with a commitment to be the industry’s leader in innovation and to develop equipment that makes sense for the farmer, custom application, dealer, government agency and airport.




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