AgOtter App

AgOtter allows you to see, track, monitor, control, record and store all the sprayer’s essential information. Wirelessly relay data to any Apple device live or after jobs are completed. Record coordinates, speed, rate, spray vs. idle time, area, volume, coverage maps, etc.

About AgOtter

The AgOtter allows you to see, monitor and record all the sprayer’s essential information. See your speed, acres, gallons and rate (for left boom, right boom and total output of the sprayer). AgOtter’s Valve controls to a constant rate of spray regardless of ground speed. Set it to a rate and forget it. AgOtter’s Controller can send alarms to any Apple device. Texts can be sent about overspeed or undesirable rate application. Make sure your application is done right. Thick canopy of trees? No worries. AgOtter’s patent-pending technology combines inertial and magnetic sensors with GPS/GNSS so satellite signal can be lost but logging, mapping and flow control continue uninterrupted.




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