9110 Ag-Probe TR

The 9110 Ag-Probe TR is the newest model in the AMS PowerProbe line up. It is designed for use in agricultural and environmental sampling. This model can be mounted on most standard tractors that meet the standard weight limits. The 9110 Ag-Probe TR is powered by the power take off (PTO) from the tractor. Each model can be equipped as a complete package or sold individually if the customer already has an approved tractor available.

About AMS Samplers

Since AMS Inc., was founded in 1942, our products have been used by individuals, businesses, non-profits, governments and universities throughout the world for a wide variety of sampling purposes. AMS equipment is primarily used for environmental and geotechnical sampling and monitoring, as well as for remediation activities. They also provide simple solutions for a variety of other fields, including: agriculture, construction, golf & turf, mining, pest control, etc.


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